API Visual Inspection

TRU’s proven solution help companies verify that petrochemical equipment has adequate corrosion protection to guarantee a safe manufacturing environment and save money by relieving them of the legal costs associated with damages caused by defective products. 


Streamline Reporting Processes and Reduce Asset Risk

Field employees are looking for an application that allows them to collect data efficiently, doesn’t disrupt their process, and allows them to adjudicate issues in the field with ease. Reliability managers want to quickly see the most severe items to schedule work in real-time. 

This product was previously branded as TruQC but is now part of the TRU family of products.

Save Time and Labor Cost
Simple Data Capture

Say goodbye to pen and paper and hello to a faster alternative - capture data with just a few clicks on your handheld device.

Quick Adoption & Quick Wins

Skip extensive and time consuming training and get to work right away with our straightforward, intuitive and easy to use tool.

Operational Oversight

Get a real-time view of your team’s activity so you can make the appropriate adjustments without impeding progress.

Features to De-Risk and Ensure Safety
Simple Forms

Logic and lookup tables based on field user inputs, API standards and corporate policies.

Data Aggregation

Real-time data aggregation capability which integrates into your existing Business Intelligence tools and asset databases.

Proactive Asset Planning

Quantitative, standardized data for future inspection, repair planning, analytics and trending.

Issue Tracking

Identify, monitor and fix problems in real time. Then use the data you collect to analyze trends, prevent future issues, update strategies and mitigate risk.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Like many in the petrochemical industry, leadership at CITGO had experienced previously ineffective attempts to streamline and optimize turnaround processes. Using TRU, CITGO was able to finish the flange portion of their turnaround on time and on budget, despite several time-consuming repair surprises along the way.

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