Cultivating a Corporate Culture of Safety

(SPOT Tracker and TruQC have joined forces to become TRU, a Jones Company)

Mike Rowe, television and podcast host and founder of the Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation is often credited with the adage “safety third.” The premise is effectively this: safety is critically important. However, there are jobs that remain perilous regardless of all the precautions you may take. Getting the job done means accepting unavoidable risks.

Here at SPOT, we agree that safety should be a top priority. But we also know that there will be jobs we are asked to do that will be dangerous regardless of how careful we are. That’s why we seek to make the idea of “safety” as much of a tangible practice as it is a mindset. Being careful, establishing safeguards, and mitigating risks as much as possible is fundamental to every relationship and project that we serve.

SPOT partners with a wide variety of companies across a broad spectrum of industries and central to our approach with each and every customer is asking ourselves the following: Do they feel comfortable trusting us with their people? Will our work ethic and transparency give them confidence? Will we help them see that we want what’s best for their end audience too?

Securing the trust of those with whom we work is paramount to us at SPOT. We care about your success as a company, absolutely. But we also care about the quality of your life at work and the experience that you have when you collaborate with us.

The safety and personal success of our own employees models how we see those in our care as well. Recently, SPOT introduced a new safety program called “Bonusly.” The premise is simple: Look out for each other. Pay attention to the effort your colleagues make to do their job safely. When you see someone excelling while still maintaining a standard of safety both physically as well as mentally, you can reward them with points. The more points are accrued, the more rewards each employee can “buy.”

The idea that colleagues can recognize, encourage, and reward each other for a job well done is just another way we seek to set SPOT apart. Yes, incentives can come from the top down, but how much more meaningful is it when your own peers who really know and see what you do can directly acknowledge and applaud your effort. We firmly believe this simple act can foster a better, more collaborative and team-oriented work culture. After all, safety is a team effort.

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