Shipbuilding and Repair Compliance & Inspection

Inspection and documentation are bottlenecks that cost our nation billions per year. TRU offers a digital alternative to streamline processes, cut costs and deliver high-quality ship builds in both military and commercial marine applications.

Manage By Exception

Utilize our intuitive UI to prioritize data essential for sustainment, allowing you to manage by exception and save time across all levels of your business. Get ships combat ready quickly and safely by efficiently distributing documentation and expediting engineering and coatings processes.

This product was previously branded as TruQC but is now part of the TRU family of products.

Digital Done Right
Simplify Third Party Involvement

Real time view of operations makes communication with third parties a breeze. And built-in logic makes utilization easy for anyone.

Quick Adoption

Skip extensive and time consuming training and get to work right away with our straightforward, intuitive and easy to use tool.

Reduce Errors and Rework

Remove the possibility of manual data entry errors. Think digital reports utilizing multi-selects, drop-downs and toggles.

Built For Combat and Commercial
Out-Of-Spec Flagging

Embedded standards and acceptance criteria automates out-of-spec flagging, so field users never miss an error.

Device Integrations

Our software integrates with leading industry hardware to make importing device data hassle-free.

Offline Capable

Capture data digitally even in the most remote locations. From offshore to confined spaces, data entered in TRU will automatically sync to the cloud when internet or cellular is reconnected.

Quick Sign-Offs

Save time by executing faster, cleaner OQE bundling and sign-off. Drastically reduce rework by delivering more accurate data to the Navy every time.

Don't Take Our Word For It

In 2016, a major U.S. based shipbuilder partnered with TRU to digitalize their labor-intensive quality management system. TRU developed a solution to streamline existing processes, resulting in a 20% cut in reporting time and 331% ROI within the first year.

See It In Action
Vigor Reduce Corrective Action Requests from 100+ to zero
April 2, 2018

Vigor Industrial, a leader in shipbuilding and repair, experienced serious reporting difficulties on the USS Gridley project. Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) deadlines were missed. […]

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Panama-based coatings inspection company reduces inspection time by 50%
November 16, 2018

(SPOT Tracker and TruQC have joined forces to become TRU, a Jones Company) Naval & Industrial Solutions (NIS) struggled with their paper reporting process — […]

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How Effective Asset Management Can Enable Preventative Maintenance and Maximize Utilization
July 12, 2021

(SPOT Tracker and TruQC have joined forces to become TRU, a Jones Company) Operators often have to maintain hundreds, if not thousands, of valuable […]

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