Infrastructure projects are often large-scale and highly complex, making manual data entry time-consuming and often inaccurate. Avoid significant inefficiencies and costly maintenance errors by accurately monitoring bridge and road performance over time. 

Take Control

Access current blueprints, safety paperwork and other relevant documents anywhere, anytime.


Field workers can flag critical issues on the blueprint as they happen and track through to resolution.


Capture data quickly and accurately with just a few clicks/taps on your handheld device.


Get a real-time view of your team’s activity so you can make the appropriate adjustments without impeding progress.

Infrastructure Companies Use TRU For:
Energy Construction Inspection

TRU leverages advanced technology to add accountability layers making it easier for you to report and escalate issues as they arise in the field, properly documenting assets and actions while following a custom and specific chain of command.

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Manufacturing Asset Management

With powerful data acquisition tools, TRU provides companies precise tracking of their assets at every stage, reliable data collection and real-time insights into performance - ensuring that all components are working efficiently throughout the entire production journey.

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Industrial Coatings Certification & Safety

TRU takes the burden of compliance and makes it a byproduct of your existing process. With a more efficient work site you can reallocate skilled resources to earn more certifications, bid more jobs and make more money.

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