Industrial Coatings Compliance & Safety

As industrial coatings professionals, your work is often burdened with mountains of paperwork and complex approval processes to meet stringent compliance regulations. Paper documentation leaves room for errors, faxing or mailing reports is time-consuming, and many compliance processes don’t add value to your business.

But, there’s a better way.

An Easy to Use Digital Solution

Built by industrial painters for industrial painters, we know what it takes to keep your business running smoothly. As your digital partner and audit savior, TRU simplifies data collection and distribution, letting your people do their jobs better and empowering you to meet your compliance goals. 

This product was previously branded as TruQC but is now part of the TRU family of products.

Ditch Pen and Paper
Streamlined Data Entry

Through device integrations such as Elcometer and PosiTecter, your workforce can directly upload readings in the field and incorporate them into your digital TRU report.

Increased Efficiency

Utilizing forms with a simple user interface ensures the most accurate data while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

Oversight and Audit Prep

Previously time-consuming tasks, such as preparing for audits or finding a specific standard in the field, become easy with just a few taps.

Features For Field and Front Office
Barcode Scanning

Paint bucket information is captured with barcode scanning technology for hassle-free entry of batch information, product name and color.

Easy Integrations

Our software integrates with leading industry hardware and can also tie into legacy databases for easy sharing of data.

Control Access

Paperwork moves quickly through your chain of command and our permission-based controls mean users only have access to and can perform the duties assigned to their role.


Make addressing concerns in the field easier by notating areas of interest directly on photos or blueprints attached to reports. Flag issues, make comments, pinpoint areas of concern - you’ve got options.

Don't Take Our Word For It

To earn their QP 5 certification, B&N Inspection and Supply (BNIS) needed to prove their competence in quality control, inspection practices, internal procedures and more. The certification carries a lot of weight, but it’s not easy to earn. With the help of TRU, BNIS became the 15th in the world to win it.

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