Industrial Coatings

Strict environmental regulations continue to be a challenge for the rapidly growing industrial coatings industry. Reporting and job-site documentation is vital but not always easy.

Serving the industrial coatings industry for over a decade, TRU knows what you need to save time, keep your workers safe and make more money.

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Streamlined Compliance

Maintain and quickly access all necessary certification documents (PDS, SDS, blueprints, employee certifications, standards, and more).

Simplified Workflows

Track document movements from the field to the quality control managers, complete with time, date and GPS stamped signature boxes on every report.

Efficient Inspections

Shorten inspection cycles and identify discrepancies before they become costly issues, improve safety compliance, and boost overall efficiency.

Accurate Data

Digital inspection forms ensure the most accurate data is collected while simultaneously increasing efficiency. You can customize your forms, reports and export formats to ensure adoption.

The Coatings Industry Uses TRU For:
AMPP QP, QS, QN Compliance

Access all work control, safety and quality control documentation anytime, anywhere. Our cloud-based solution makes poor communication a thing of the past. And permission-based chain of command makes moving reports through the proper workflows a breeze.

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NAVSEA 009-32 Compliance

Features like out-of-spec flagging and device integrations mean fewer data capture errors for reduced reporting time. And with reports built to NAVSEA specs, contractors can deliver more accurate data to the Navy to get ships combat ready quickly and safely.

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Certifications, Regulations & Audit Prep

Worried about changing your process when you have looming audits or are trying to earn certifications to expand business capabilities? Our software is utilized by the very organization that performs and sets these regulations – AMPP. They trust their data with our software, so we think you should too.

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