The Navy and Marine Corps spend nearly a third of their maintenance man-hours on corrosion-related activities. Inspection and documentation are bottlenecks that cost our nation billions per year. Smart solutions are required in both military and commercial marine applications to streamline processes, cut costs and deliver high-quality ship builds.

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Customized Forms

Customizable forms for collecting field data such as photos or notes alongside automated digital signature capture for added security.

Quality Control

Efficiently track inspection and product testing to ensure that they meet established standards for performance, reliability, and safety.

Efficient Inspections

Shorten inspection cycles, identify discrepancies before they become costly issues, improve safety compliance, and boost overall efficiency.

Save Time and Money

Paperless documentation of required reports offers many benefits rooted in time and money savings.

The Marine Industry Uses TRU For:
NAVSEA 009-32 Compliance

Deliver more accurate data to the Navy to get ships combat ready quickly and safely.

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Objective Quality Evidence (OQE)

See the benefits of a digital OQE review process with a clear audit trail, zero Corrective Action Requests (CARs) and consistent, clean and quick OQE bundling every time.

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Optimized Weld Records

Wireless access to welding requirements and records for improved efficiency of planning, process improvement, and troubleshooting.

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