Wind, solar and storage industries are carefully regulated. Collecting and analyzing the data necessary to make sure your project is on track and in compliance is of utmost importance. 

Take Control

Ensure project data is correctly entered at the earliest point of contact. Process your submissions on the backend to detect errors and anomalies to produce a squeaky clean dataset.


With both out-of-the-box options and a fully customizable forms platform, digitalize your data intake with an intuitive interface and same day deployment.

More Data, Less Paper

Eliminate misplaced papers and indecipherable chicken scratch and capture accurate data all in a handheld device that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Data Driven Operations

Real time and better data allows you to pivot at just the right time or wait for the opportune moment to stay ahead of dynamic conditions and more efficiently manage your day-to-day operations.

Renewable Companies Use TRU For:
Energy Construction Inspection

TRU leverages advanced technology to add accountability layers making it easier for you to report and escalate issues as they arise in the field, properly documenting assets and actions while following a custom and specific chain of command. This includes tracking the work site's environmental conditions, documenting safety checks on machinery, monitoring contractor performance and referencing automated logs of workers' daily output.

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Manufacturing Asset Management

With powerful data acquisition tools, TRU provides companies precise tracking of their assets at every stage, reliable data collection and real-time insights into performance - ensuring that all components are working efficiently throughout the entire production journey.

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Project Progress Tracking

Knowing where your project stands and being made aware the moment you begin falling behind is perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of TRU's data visualization. See your project progress as it happens.

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