Oil & Gas

Whether it’s a refinery turnaround or pipeline construction, these maintenance and capital intensive projects have become increasingly more difficult with shrinking budgets and tighter-than-ever deadlines. You need to know where your project stands in real time and that you are in compliance with strict regulatory standards every step of the way. 

Take Control

We build accountability directly into the data collection platform and allow users to see what data points fall outside industry standards within seconds of being captured in the field.


Companies can ensure safety standards are met by tagging their items with unique identifiers that allow them to easily track where they have been and who has handled them at any given point in time.


Shorten inspection cycles and identify discrepancies before they become costly issues, improve safety compliance, and boost overall efficiency.


Digital inspection forms ensure the most accurate data is collected while simultaneously increasing efficiency. You can customize your forms, reports and export formats to ensure adoption.

Oil & Gas Companies Use TRU For:
API Visual Inspection

Adjudicate issues in the field with ease.

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Midstream Pipeline Traceability

Capture an asset’s life journey with immediate access.

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Manufacturing Asset Management

Precise tracking of assets at every stage.

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Energy Construction Inspection

Properly document assets and actions while following a custom and specific chain of command.

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