Appreciating Our Field Techs: Vital Members of the TRU Team

At TRU Solutions, our field technicians are the boots on the ground that help make our operations run smoothly each and every day. They work hard to ensure projects stay on track, clients are satisfied, and data is accurately captured. To show our appreciation for these team members, we’re highlighting a few of them and the great work they do.

Meet Caleb, Mark, and Amy – dedicated TRU field techs with unique experiences and skills.

Caleb Comer

Caleb Comer brings a positive attitude and people skills to each job site. He’s eager to learn from the seasoned inspection crews, seeing each new term or process as a chance to expand his knowledge. He says the TRU support team also helps him overcome any obstacles he faces. Caleb takes pride in his work ensuring data accuracy for clients and his positive attitude helps unify teams.

Mark Sanders

Mark Sanders builds trust with clients by tapping into his customer service abilities to supply his know-how whenever any issues arise. He also has a specialized focus on weld mapping and traceability. Mark credits team members like James Bugg, Robert Thomas, Kameron Williams, and Troy Gyuran with lending guidance and assistance whenever needed. He values TRU’s ability to capture huge amounts of traceable data and works tirelessly to improve the product and its offerings.

Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson recently celebrated 6 years with TRU, and we are tremendously grateful to have her as part of our crew. She highlights meeting people, learning new systems, and instructing others as rewarding parts of the job. Amy carefully captures every detail and enjoys providing clients with quality data. She says Troy Gyuran sets a stellar example for all through his hard work and mentorship. When asked to share an example of overcoming a client challenge, Amy recalled the time she was faced with an internet slowdown. She persevered by upgrading connectivity that resolved the situation, exemplifying her commitment to overcoming obstacles to deliver for our customers.

At TRU Solutions, we want to thank Caleb, Mark, Amy, and all of our field technicians. Their hard work, expertise, and dedication help our entire operation succeed. We couldn’t do it without them!

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