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We’ve all been there: desperately needing to make a call, send a text, or figure out where we are on the map, but there’s no service. You have exactly zero bars. There’s not a cell tower for miles and your phone can’t pick up a signal.

For the majority of tracking apps, this presents a massive problem. Being dependent on cell service when it’s not available is the same as not having the app at all. This leaves you with no choice but to use a loose piece of paper (from the backseat of your car) and a pen (that may or may not have enough ink) and handwrite each and every detail from every pipe that is under your management. Not only is it a painstaking process, but it’ll likely be full of errors by the time it reaches your boss for review. And even if you got it all right,  you’re now behind schedule.

Behold… SPOT.

Let’s get technical for a minute. SPOT is what we call a “native app.” That means that it has been specifically designed to function on your phone regardless of whether it is connected to the internet. And that’s a big deal. Because SPOT does not need wifi or cellular signal to capture data, you can literally take it to any project site and collect your data quickly and without error.

SPOT’s offline capabilities allow it to operate as though it were in fact online. It takes pictures, records data, and stores all the information you captured while in a remote location and then, when a signal is available, automatically uploads the previously collected information and makes it immediately available to anyone with access to that project’s profile.

This is a game-changer. For you, your employees, and your project, there’s no other tool that can track, organize, and store as much data as quickly as simply taking a picture on your phone. Our training is comprehensive, the tool is intuitive, and the result is more information in less time.

What are you waiting for? Let SPOT revolutionize the way you work.

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