SPOT Tracker and TruQC Join Forces as TRU, a New Leader in Digital Data Management

SPOT Tracker and TruQC are so excited to bring our customers TRU, a digital data management platform for heavy process industries. TRU modernizes data collection for greater accuracy, efficiency, and planning with a digital alternative to pen and paper. Our combined company is bigger, better and delivers even more digitalization solutions.

TRU is an answer to the complex documentation and compliance requirements that are too often built, serviced, and operated by multiple stakeholders with disassociated datasets. Internally building a data-capturing process often leads to inaccurate reporting, can be costly, may be hard to share among key decision makers and ultimately, may not help our customers meet required regulatory standards. 

By combining our proven services, TRU’s mobile applications facilitate and automate field data collection and aggregation for construction progress, inspection, compliance, and material tracking to provide real-time visibility into operations and increase productivity of scarce labor resources. The platform also acts as a permanent, easy-to-use data management system for ongoing maintenance and compliance needs, ensuring that our customers do meet regulatory standards.

If you’re looking for a proven digital solution that empowers you to meet your compliance goals, look no further. We know businesses make better decisions based on better data. Better data starts here.

To learn more on how to get started with TRU, sign up for a free demo.

For a deeper dive, read the full press release here.

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