How Process Digitalization Fits Your Digital Transformation Strategy

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Digital transformation has gone from a buzzword to common place in most industries, including petrochemical, refining, marine and power generation. Many companies now have some form of digital transformation strategy as an annual budget item, looking to capitalize on its promises of efficiency, transparency, and improved decision making. Further, companies have shifted their business models by heavily investing in digital systems that include risk-based algorithms and predictive analytics, all of which require a wealth of data achieve the goals of a the more digital business. With the operational changes forced by the pandemic, digital technologies are increasingly relied upon to collect and disseminate data in an effort to maintain informed communication as teams work remotely with limited contact.

Recently, Harvard Business Review (HBR) published an analytics survey titled, “Business Successes with a Dual-Track Approach to Transformation” where they defined dual-track transformation in this way: “An approach that simultaneously addresses enterprise-wide transformation as well as the modernization of processes that flow across business workflows and workgroups.” CIOs are increasingly embracing this dual-track approach as they lay out their roadmaps to align new technologies to their companies’ business goals.

TruQC has focused on modernizing business processes via digitalization since its founding over nine years ago, working at the operational level to implement digital tools to optimize client’s workflows and efficiently gather and distribute data. Our clients can quickly implement our solutions to keep up, or catch up, as adopting digital technology becomes the standard rather than the exception. TruQC’s solutions become a key part of our clients’ digital transformation strategy, with the flexibility to adjust as plans mature and change. The HBR survey refers to this flexibility as rapid-cycle innovation, describing it as a “business’s ability to rapidly improve the hundreds of essential processes that cross business workflows and workgroups.” Rapid-cycle innovation is a core building block of any digitalization effort because it focuses on “achieving quick wins for the business, while supporting long-term transformation.” Successful digital transformation relies on new technologies that incorporate both short and long-term business goals.

Optimize Your Existing Processes, Don’t Reinvent Them

Positively impacting processes that involve frontline resources across workgroups requires a deep  understanding of what is required to get the work done and how waste or non-value-added effort can be eliminated. It may seem obvious, but empowering field resources and non-IT professionals to create and implement digitalized solutions is an integral part of this effort, particularly for buy-in at launch. This is why TruQC’s digital transformation process starts with Discovery.

We seek to understand how the work gets done today, responding to the suggestions and pain points of each role involved in the process. For most of our customers, compliance is an integral part of their business model. Understanding of and adherence to standards, whether they are industry-wide or internal, are the basis of winning and maintaining business. However, the work needs to get done in an efficient and timely manner with the most current specifications available. We have the know-how to recognize the non-value-added efforts within a workflow and preserve what is required for our customers to continue producing quality work.

The next step in our rapid-cycle digital innovation is made possible by our flexible, cloud-based software platform. TruQC has thousands of building blocks available which are used to custom configure our digitalization solutions. Drawing on the Discovery process, the resulting solution aligns completely with our customers’ existing process. The user interface and permission-based workflow fit how each part of the work gets done for the optimum user experience for each individual role. And because we can quickly handle changing needs in both standards and workflow, we become partners with our customers as they expand their digital transformation strategies.

By now, you can see how compliance becomes a built-in part of the newly digitalized process. Redundant data entry, searching for documents, and spending hours configuring reports are all eliminated while the compliance information is available real-time. Clean, standardized data is a natural product of the solution, available to supervisors, engineers, and existing back-office systems. And access to clean data in one centralized platform lets businesses improve decision making, both in the short and long-term.

Expect Immediate Benefits

When you think of introducing a ‘digital’ solution, your first thoughts may be of lengthy software customization, failed implementation, and no hope of a return on investment. TruQC’s approach ensures this scenario is not repeated.

TruQC is not just a form building software. With your existing business process and standards as the focal point, we leverage a robust and flexible software framework to rapidly deliver a custom configured solution specifically for your process. We optimize what you already do on a daily basis, streamlining data collection and distribution and ensuring the right information is available to all those involved when and where it is needed.

The key to recognizing immediate benefit from a solution is gaining efficiency on an operational level. Often digitalization solutions only focus on corporate needs and fail to take into account the daily operational activity. TruQC’s approach relies on identifying your current processes and workflows and optimizing them, rather than reinventing them.

Digital Reports with Standardized Responses: Decreases reporting time and reducing data entry errors. In a 2018 case study, a top 5 oil and gas company saw a 50% decrease in inspection time after implementing TruQC.

Immediate Report Generation: Eliminates the time spent re-entering data and formatting reports.

Real-Time, Cloud Connected System: Chain-of-command workflow is streamlined as data can be transferred or accessed anytime, anywhere.

Capture Photos In-App, On-Site: Further simplify the reporting process by adding photos directly into your TruQC reports while in the field. No more wasting time uploading and formatting photos after the fact.

Device Integrations with Elcometer and PosiTector: Wireless connection with gauges let you import readings directly into reports, no data re-entry required.

Centralized Document Management System – Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Drastically reduce the time spent searching for specific data points or documentation, simplifying audits, comp claims, maintenance needs, etc.

Full Offline Capability: Always have access to your digital reporting tool even in the most remote areas. When your device reconnects with cellular or Wi-Fi, all data automatically syncs to the cloud, instantly connecting your operations.

APIs and Integrations to Quickly Connect Your Systems: Move data when and where you want it with APIs and integrations. No need to waste time or resources entering endless amounts of data into existing systems.

All these features result in immediate operational efficiency gains, while still guaranteeing corporate data and compliance needs are met.

Get Started Today

TruQC brings the benefits of a cloud-based application to operational resources in a unique way, overcoming the barriers typically faced when introducing new digital technologies.

Security: All of TruQC’s clients benefit from our work with the US Navy and its Department of Defense (DoD) contractors, as our platform meets the highest DoD cloud solution security standards including NIST CUI 800-171 and FedRAMP.

COVID-19 Safety: TruQC has completed Discovery, configuration, training and launch of our solution 100% remotely for customers throughout the pandemic. We are effective remotely because we focus on the process and the data, drawing on our team’s extensive experience to recognize opportunity and set our clients up for success at launch and beyond.

Adoption: Our intuitive user interface, fully functional offline application and permission-based features provide the optimal customer experience, eliminating potential pushback from users as information and workflows are presented in a way that supports their process, not in a way that requires them to change.

Integration: TruQC’s process digitalization is a key component to an overall digital transformation strategy. TruQC looks to support existing internal platforms such as asset management tools and risk-based software by providing clean, standardized, real-time data to make better informed business decisions.

Experience Our Solutions

Set up a demo today. In a short half hour, we’ll show you examples of our custom configured solutions in action and review your specific process digitalization problems to lay out next steps. Start your journey to successful digital transformation today.

Interested in some of our success stories? Check out our case studies.

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