What the SSPC and NACE merger means for your business

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In April 2020, SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and NACE International announced they would be merging to form a combined organization that we now know as AMPP: Association for Materials Protection and Performance. This merger brings together two organizations with over 145 combined years of experience and expertise in the coatings and corrosion industry. AMPP will be led by two Board of Directors, the AMPP Board and the AMPP Global Center Board.

But, what does this mean for the coatings world? As a coatings or corrosion professional, here is what you need to know about the merger and what it means for your business:

What is AMPP?

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance, AMPP, is the new organization formed from the merging of NACE International and SSPC. The new organization will utilize the corrosion prevention and protective coatings industry expertise brought by SSPC and NACE, while further extending to cover overall protection of assets and performance of materials worldwide.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the newly formed AMPP is over 40,000 members in 130 countries consisting of contractors, owners, craftsmen, corrosion experts, manufacturers, and consultants. And with this merger comes the sharing of new coatings technology, resources, answers and ideas on a scale not seen before.

Why did NACE and SSPC decide to merge?

Both NACE and SSPC had a common goal of protecting people, assets and the environment. Member leaders decided that through sharing knowledge and combining proven training, certification, and education programs, they could elevate industry performance and better serve all stakeholders. SSPC’s Board of Governors and NACE International’s Board voted in April 2020 to officially merge the two orgs.

In a press release, SSPC Executive Director, Bill Worms and NACE International CEO, Bob Chalker issued the following joint statement, “From the time each of us began working for our organizations we have believed our members can be stronger together. We are devoted to providing our members with the best services, education, and products possible and we know this combined organization will accomplish that and more. We are pleased to see this come together and look forward to a bright future ahead for the members of SSPC and NACE.”

What are the benefits of a merged organization?

As previously mentioned, this merger brings together two organizations with over 145 combined years of experience and expertise in the coatings and corrosion industry. As a combined organization, AMPP becomes a facilitator for innovation, ensuring improvements in corrosion prevention, risk mitigation, surface preparation techniques, and coatings technology to ultimately elevate the industry as a whole.

“No other association will provide the depth and breadth of materials protection and performance information, standards, education, certification, and contractor accreditation programming that AMPP now provides,” said Tim Bieri, Chair of the AMPP Board of Directors and Vice President for Materials & Corrosion Engineering, in a press release.

How will AMPP make this a smooth transition?

Integration teams and task groups made of members of both organizations have been working together to combine the best aspects of both organizations, providing you with a one stop shop for conferences and accreditation programs. Task groups are bringing together knowledge from the best experts in coatings, corrosion and protection to devise the best in standards, education and certifications.

Further, SSPC and NACE hosted town hall meetings after the announcement of the merger to ensure their members could provide feedback, ask questions, and express concerns along the way. AMPP progress updates and the town hall meeting schedule can be accessed here.

What will change?

As SSPC and NACE merge to form AMPP, it is understandable that coatings contractors have questions about how this will not only affect the industry, but their day-to-day work procedures. To see the full AMPP transition Q&A, go here.

What will happen to my SSPC or NACE membership?

Beginning January 2021, members of both organizations can opt-in to receive dual-membership along with benefits of both organizations at no additional cost. In late 2021, AMPP will release a new membership model featuring multiple levels designed to enable members to select benefits on based personal needs and preferences.

Members of AMPP can now access a unified set of standards and certifications, more resources and information, expanded professional networks, and much more.

More info here.

Will I lose my current SSPC and NACE certifications?

No. All current SSPC and NACE individual certifications will continue to be recognized and supported, eventually merging into a single program.

Until the AMPP certification program is officially launched, any cardholders who need to recertify during 2021 can do so under their respective program. If a candidate holds similar SSPC and NACE credentials, e.g. CIP and PCI, they will need to renew both, but will only pay one renewal fee.

What is going to happen to NACE and SSPC’s contractor accreditation programs?

The QP program established by SSPC will be retained by AMPP and will serve as the basis of the future accreditation program. Elements of NACE’s NIICAP program will be integrated and there will be a transition program for all NIICAP contractors.

AMPP’s new “QP” brand will combine the best elements of the QP and NIICAP accreditation programs to create a new contractor program.

What will the new AMPP standards look like? Will the NACE and SSPC standards still be accepted?

All existing NACE and SSPC standards will continue to be used without change.

What will happen to education courses offered by NACE and SSPC?

AMPP plans to consolidate programs where there is overlap, improve or modify existing courses, and develop new courses covering emerging topics in the industry, such as digital transformation (or digitalization). However, current courses will continue until this process has been completed.

Do I need new software to work with AMPP?

This may depend on what kind of software you are currently using.

Some software is too rigid or vast to adequately adapt to changes in industry standards or practices. Working with an agile, configurable software solution that can be quickly updated to meet the needs of your business ensures success for the long term. Finding digital partners that prioritize your work process is key.

How can I stay up to date on these changes?

Stay informed on AMPP news, transition updates, and register for town hall webinars here.

Upcoming conferences and events news here.

Subscribe to one of their publications or podcasts:

Visit legacy brand websites:

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