Digitize vs Digitalize

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Digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation, OH M

They may sound very similar, but these words have very different meanings while also working together. An article from ECM Solutions goes into a deeper breakdown of these terms, but we think it is important to know the difference and wanted to shout it from…well, behind our desk.

  • Digitization is the conversion process of turning analog information into a digital form. (Oooo)
  • Digitalization incorporates digital technologies into business processes and interactions. (Aahhh)
  • Digital transformation is leveraging emerging technologies to build new business systems, business models, and more. (Whoaaa) Digitalization Pyramid

Simply put by ECM Solutions, digitization is concerned with events that have already occurred, digitalization is concerned with current events and digital transformation refers to events that will occur in the future.

Here at SPOT, it is crucial to understand this as what we do is more than just making existing data digital; digitalization embraces the ability of digital technology to collect data, establish trends and make better business decisions, launching a complete digital transformation for your business. And that is just what we do to help make your projects run smoothly from start to finish!

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