What it takes to earn and keep your AMPP QP 1 certification

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An AMPP (formerly SSPC) QP 1 certification is an essential step in assuring your customers that you have the know-how to apply quality protective coatings capable of withstanding the wear-and-tear of the elements for years to come.

Once you’ve achieved that certification, you wear it like a badge of honor, and rightfully so. It shows that you’ve earned the skills necessary to do the job right. So don’t let a small thing like being unprepared for an audit cause you to lose your certification.

Check out this handy guide to all the bases you need covered in the event of an audit. Hey, maybe even keep a copy in the cab of your truck, or store it digitally in TRU’s Document Library part of TRU’s quality control management software.

What AMPP QP 1 Contractors should have on-site for an audit:

Work control documents and procedures
  • A copy of the document authorizing the work, if it hasn’t been sent to AMPP in advance. It may be in the form of a letter of authorization, purchase order, or contract as long as it bares the signature of the client. Contractors are encouraged to attach these to job notification forms.
  • A document describing the work to be performed. This should detail specifications for the work and standards requirements. These must be available for examination at the site.
  • Documentation of any changes in the work, non-conformities and corrective actions.
  • A current list of employees on site and a description of their duties, along with payroll information.
  • A document control procedure and documents authorizing employees to act.
  • OSHA regulations and a copy of the company’s Mission Statement must be posted.
Safety compliance documents and procedures
  • A copy of the company’s site-specific safety and health plan.
  • Any accident/injury reports, minutes from safety meetings and documents verifying corrective actions and safety enforcement.
  • Documents verifying employees have received the proper safety training for their job assignment.
  • Safe operating procedures for all major equipment on site.
Quality control documents and procedures
  • A copy of the most recent internal audit.
  • A copy of the company’s project-specific quality control (QC) procedures and/or QC plan showing verification of inspection hold points. This plan describes the minimum QC activities that will be independent of the client’s inspector performing QA.
  • Product data and SDS for all abrasives, cleaners, paints, thinners and other chemicals used on-site.
  • Have inspection reports on-site including actual measurements and readings, in accordance with the company’s project-specific quality control plan.
  • Inspection reports or other documents that includes instrument calibration readings and a record verifying periodic calibration.
  • Proof of craft training for workers and of formal QC training for QC inspectors.
  • Operating procedures and maintenance records for all equipment on-site.
Safety equipment
  • Adequate devices and signs for controlling site access, such as caution tape, fences, cones, barricades, etc.
  • Adequate sanitation/personal hygiene facilities such as toilets, hand wash facilities, drinking water, etc.
  • Provide personal protective equipment in accordance with OSHA regulations, SDS and company safety rules.
  • Fire extinguishers, first-aid kits and other emergency management equipment.
Industrial and quality control equipment
  • Compressors, pressure washers, blast machines, dust collectors, personnel lifts, paint pumps, spray guns and other industrial equipment.
  • Inspection instruments including calibration verification procedures and devices.
  • AMPP visual and other job-related standards and procedures.
Other equipment and documents which may be required
  •  Specialized safety and environmental monitoring equipment.
  •  Project-specific environmental compliance plan.
  •  Copy of work-related regulations.
  •  If this information is not on site at the audit, the contractor must demonstrate document acquisition during the audit.

Learn how an integrated app can help keep you AMPP-certified

Storing all the paperwork and documentation for your AMPP certificate shouldn’t be a headache. TRU can simplify this process by storing your important documents in one central location. Learn more by scheduling a demo with us today.

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